Women Share The Things That Made Them Realize Their Men Didn't Even Like Them

It takes many things to make a good and stable relationship. And like everything else that gets faded over time, nothing can ensure that your love will not. But like, to ask a question: "don't you love me anymore?" requires a lot of courage that not all of us have. Luckily, there's an easier way to know by paying attention to their words, actions, and behaviors; those things can't lie.
So when Twitter user @Oloni asked fellow users ever thought about the men who said they liked you before and suddenly realized they hated you, it struck a chord with many. Her tweet became a safe place for women on Twitter to open their thoughts, even though these hard memories were nothing pleasant to recall. We believe that anyone who has ever experienced the same thing will understand that there's no such thing that can be as bad as realizing your love doesn't quite love you.


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