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  1. Every Peacemaker Helmet's Powers Explained

Hilarious Powers of Every Peacemaker Helmet, Explained

Every Peacemaker Helmet's Powers Explained

Chris Smith's dad has a quantum unfolding zone with a whole armory of helmets with varied powers in James Gunn's Peacemaker Television show. Peacemaker helmet powers first appeared in the DCEU is James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, where he was a member of Task Force X, which was tasked with shutting down Project Starfish. He only had one helmet in that film, but the Peacemaker TV Show is scheduled to investigate the abilities of his helmets, which has a vague relation to the character's comics background.
peacemaker helmet powers peacemaker helmet powers
Peacemaker (John Cena) is a criminal who declares that he would murder as many men, women, and children as it takes to achieve peace. As more of Chris Smith's dad, Auggie Smith AKA White Dragon (Robert Patrick), is revealed in the show, the severe ways and specific beliefs about what peace sounds like for Chris Smith begin to make sense. The majority of the helmets presented provide benefits for self-defense and intelligence collection, but one helmet's deadly power is displayed in Peacemaker episode 1, "A Whole New Whirled." This origin does not appear to be explored in the Peacemaker Tv show helmets. Here are all of the abilities that Peacemaker's helmets have so far been shown to have.

Classic Helmet

peacemaker helmet powersThe original helmet kicked it all off. Chris Smith's heroic identity includes the original "beacon of freedom," which was first presented in The Suicide Squad. Even though the classical helmet lacks the showy, humorous, or lethal abilities of the other helmets on our list, it remains a prominent piece of protective gear that helps the Peacemaker feel secure in his identity. It's still a tough steel helmet that can be used as a weapon on its own if necessary.

X-Ray Helmet

peacemaker helmet powersWhen this Peacemaker helmet is worn, the wearer gains X-ray vision. When the Peacemaker team raids a Butterfly food manufacturing factory, the helmet, and its abilities are used for the first time. Peacemaker can see where the Butterflies are within their victims' heads and blast them correctly using the X-ray helmet. Adebayo later uses the helmet in the team offices, allowing her to see that Murn is, in fact, a Butterfly.

Sonic Boom Helmet

peacemaker helmet powers Every Peacemaker Helmet's Powers Explained
Quite literally, this is the helmet that had the biggest effect during the season. The wearer of the sonic boom helmet can emit a tremendous sonic explosion that can destroy almost everything in the near area. It does, however, have a boom restriction, and can only produce 4 bursts in a run. Peacemaker used the sonic boom helmet to shred the Butterfly-infected Annie Sturphausen in Episode 1.
It is without a question the most deadly helmet in the first season, and it plays an important role in the conclusion. The Peacemaker staff's strategy to immobilize the "cow" is built around the sonic boom helmet. The crew is able to utilize the sonic boom helmet's successive supersonic explosions to not only knock out a lot of Butterflies but also to destroy their translocation technology and impede the cow's chance of escape after Economos installs the sonic boom helmet within the cow's stable.

Anti-Gravity Helmet

Peacemaker fatherDuring the conclusion of Peacemaker, this helmet makes an amusing appearance. The anti-gravity helmet allows its wearer to float, but not freely. The team is debating each helmet's potential after debriefing the operation and analyzing the helmets' abilities when Adebayo accidentally triggers the anti-gravity helmet.
The helmet would have been an important component of the crew's strategy for bringing down the cow, but Adebayo happens to pronounce the crucial words. Adebayo enables the helmet to lift off into the atmosphere by merely stating "Activate anti-gravity," which results in some amusing banter between her and Peacemaker. Obviously, the helmet will not be seen anytime soon.

Scabies for All Helmet

peacemaker helmet powersSome other helmet appears briefly in Season 1's conclusion. The "Scabies for All" helmet, as Peacemaker explains to the team, spreads scabies to everyone within a mile radius except the wearer. Thankfully, this helmet is never utilized and serves just as a source of amusement. Interestingly, no one in the team mentions how absurd, strange, and unique that power is. Vigilante, on the other hand, gets a childish grin out of the answer.

Human Torpedo Helmet

Peacemaker helmetLast but not least, there's the "Human Torpedo" helmet! The helmet transforms the wearer into a true human torpedo, as the name indicates. The helmet generates a shielding energy field before hurling the person at great speed toward an object. During the finale, Adebayo put this helmet to good use. Sadly for her, she discovers the hard lesson of why Peacemaker quit playing with this headgear.
Adebayo tries to save Peacemaker from Goff by pitching herself towards Butterfly, but she misses and goes headlong into a wall. Peacemaker can utilize the helmet to his advantage once more, sadly for Adebayo, and reactivates it to send Adebayo soaring into the cow. She is able to torpedo directly into the cow's chest and kill it instantaneously due to her tremendous speed. Hopefully, Adebayo won't suffer any long-term effects from his head trauma in Season 2!
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