20 Of The Best "Dog People Vs. Cat People" Tweets That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor

We are all humans. Still, there are so many differences that set us apart. Religions, political beliefs, or wealthiness, this world has created so many barriers to keep us from getting along together. And everything does not end here. People seem like they can't accept opinions that are against theirs, even the slightest, like what your favored pet is. It's human nature to want to control everything around. But this seems to go too far already.
Cats and dogs are the two most popular pets in the world. And if you are into the story about pets and their owners, you probably know about the unending battle between cat people and dog people. Frankly, cats and dogs are so different, almost opposite. Dogs are like the sun, happy and goofy, sometimes needy. Cats are like the moon, elegant, aloof, and self-sufficient. It's the fact that people choose a pet that suits their personality, so that's it. Let's accept it. Not that dogs are better or whatever, it's just a choice. But, the battle between cat people and dog people doesn't seem like it'll come to an end anytime soon.

#1 There must be so many people fall into this category

Source: SethEverman

#2 This is the truest statement about cats

Source: hleneeh

#3 I can relate

Source: simonsinek

#4 "Why do this to me?!"

Source: DenisHolton

#5 Cats can do that, too

Source: TomKilianArt

#6 I found my cat in the street

Source: wokedrugguy

#7 Also, cats love to annoy people who hate cats

Source: paperbeatstweet

#8 This is what happened

Source: Joaoninguem_art

#9 Cats are evils. Must love 'em

Source: justcaem

#10 Yeah, I know

Source: MaraWilson

#11 At least we can agree on something...

Source: ComedyCentral

#12 Sometimes my cat wants to kick me out because I forget to buy canned tuna

Source: clhubes

#13 I’m telling you, street cats are aliens

Source: TheWeirdWorld

#14 I guess the cat's name is Tom

Source: ProZD

#15 I approve too!

Source: eligit

#16 You never see a cat working as a narc is all I'm saying

Source: ellle_em

#17 Aww

Source: vivalatony

#18 Cats can't be trained to be anything, checkmate

Source: KivanBay

#19 "Talking 'bout me?"

Source: PaulDock93

#20 Agree

Source: UberFacts

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