16 People Who Have Strong Beliefs About Things They Cannot Prove

Have you ever felt like a certain thing must be true even though you don't have anything to prove it? Like, the gut feeling tells you so. And later on, you may even spot some minor details that strengthen the logic of your belief. But we all know that logic is not evidence. It may sound right, but we cannot prove it to be true. And because of this, we think that many people out there have something that keeps them up at night.
Now is the time for the theorists. When Reddit user GentleBoneCrusher asked people on Reddit to share what they are certain to be true despite having no proof to back up, people responded with lots of mind-blowing answers. Personal stories, universal conspiracy theories, scientific beliefs, and even spiritual beliefs; you can get to know a lot of things here. We have selected some of the most surprising ones to show you in the list below. Let's scroll down and check them out.

#1 Sounds like something from a novel, incredible

Source: Silent-Ferrets

#2 There're so many things we still don't know about man's best friend

Source: Idiot_Savant_Tinker

#3 Well, quite practical

Source: Pineapple_Cheesecake

#4 Well, that's just weird when someone wants to have that many health issues

Source: CloverPatchDistracty

#5 Oh no

Source: nopantspaul

#6 No that everything makes sense

Source: mydearbrother

#7 Isn't this a fact

Source: methylenebluestains

#8 Definitely need to sort this out

Source: amakurt

#9 Oddly specific

Source: CheetahDust

#10 What are they hiding in there?

Source: Jakkzzyy

#11 Still don't understand why a painting that looks like it's painted by a 3-year-old is worth millions

Source: Jeffmaru

#12 Will humans ever find them?

Source: StreetIndependence62

#13 That's the perk?

Source: Careless_Test8880

#14 Love this one

Source: CaptainWisconsin

#15 I have been thinking about this for longgg

Source: AccidentDue4449

#16 That's a bit sad

Source: Reddit

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