Son Cruelly Pulls Prank On A Girl, Mom Has Him Give His New Bike To The Girl As Apology

Kids are innocent. But out of nowhere, they can do cruel things. Of course, no parents want to raise a potential psychopath. So, kids have to learn to take responsibility for their actions; what they should and shouldn't do. And when they do something not right, they'll get punished. The bigger matter here is which punishment is suitable. A punishment that won't hurt their feelings while effectively teaching them a lesson. That's never an easy decision.
Asking a girl to go on a date as a joke, what would be the suitable punishment? A public apology, and give the girl his new bike. This mom thought that would settle the issue. At first glance, it seems effective. The boy will never forget that his garbage behavior will take away something precious from him. But reconsider it, is giving his by away actually a good decision? Does he learn anything from this? Why the bike? Will the girl ever use it?
Public apology makes both the victim and the wrong-doer feel uncomfortable. And this may backfire the initial good intention. Anyway, things have been done. The story stirred up the Reddit sphere, and people weighed in on whether or not this mom did the right thing. So now, let's scroll down and check out how it went.


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