14 Employees Who Got Busted By Their Bosses On Social Media

Fairly to say, it's nearly impossible to find a job that can satisfy us in every aspect. There's no ideal job. And normally, every employee has one thing or two that makes them hate their jobs. But the thing is, don't get your emotions involved in work. You may not like the job for this and that, but you should keep it for yourself only. Why? Because who knows, when you bring it out, some unintended individuals will see it. You know what I mean here, right? It's your boss.
Social media is not a place to express all your dissatisfaction about work. But if you still want to give it a go, we have here some examples for you to take into consideration. The employees in the list below made dumb posts about their jobs, and to no surprise, they got caught by their bosses. Bi*ching about your boss unaware that you got them on your friend list? That's just so dumb. And in fact, some bosses caught their employees doing even more stupid things online. Let's scroll down to see why they got busted.

#1 He really hates his job

Source: Seriouseats

#2 Ouch!

Source: Lamebook

#3 So now, you're free to leave


#4 Oh, guess who gets fired here?

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#5 Sarcastic laugh

Source: Laughton

#6 This is just gross,

Source: Mashable

#7 This is gold


#8 You have to pay for your stupidity

Source: Lamebook

#9 Now hope you enjoy the next meeting

Source: ILoveUselessKnowledge

#10 You can hear me, and I can see you

Source: Daily Distraction

#11 This true genius

Source: GeeksAreSexy

#12 My gosh! Firing him is not enough

Source: Pills52

#13 No comment

Source: RandomOverload

#14 Sorry boss

Source: RealClear

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