This Woman Asked If She Was Wrong For Not Apologizing Her Husband Over Christmas Drama In Their Family

The family gatherings should be a wonderful time. Members of the family spend time together, cooking and talking about how their life is going. It's time for sharing and getting closer. However, more people means more work to do, and it's impossible to host such an event by only one person. The woman shared her story regarding this matter. And as what she said, she was about to host the Christmas with 26 relatives, and for five days.
Her husband sent out all the invitations without telling her, and she only knew about it by accident. To host a celebration and accommodate 26 people for five days is not easy, not to mention she was six months pregnant, with a toddler and a job. After sending a mass text explaining the situation to all relatives, her husband confronted her about this and demanded a handwritten apology for canceling the event. That's no way. She said no, but was she right to do so? Scroll down to check out the full story below.


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