Doctor Strange 2: Who Is Defender Strange, His Origin, Powers, And Role

Who Is Defender Strange ? Considering that this is a Doctor Strange film, iwe'll see several versions of Stephen Strange.
The new trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness piqued everyone's interest with the inclusion of fresh and well-known Marvel characters. Considering that this is a Doctor Strange film, it's hardly surprising that we'll see several versions of Stephen Strange.
who is defender strangeWe've seen a lot of different versions of Stephen Strange in the teaser, and it's conceivable that Defender Strange is just one of them, because the potential in this movie is unlimited. At that point, the trailer showed Defender Strange for the first time. But who is Defender Strange, and what are his skills and abilities?

Who Is Defender Strange Seen in the Trailer?

who is defender strangeDefender Strange is a superhero variety that belongs to the Defenders, a loose team of superheroes who are susceptible to following their own purpose. Defender Strange doesn't have any special abilities in the comics that aren't shared by Stephen Strange. So, in the comics, the Defenders began when Doctor Strange deceived Namor and paired up with Hulk to assist him to combat demons, and the group eventually became a non-team group known as the Defenders. While they were successful in their mission, Namor and Hulk warned that they'll never work together again since it was evident that this squad was dysfunctional simply because each individual had their own objective.
who is defender strangeDefender Strange was able to keep the weird and casual group together, even though they didn't get along. Various heroes began pairing up with different members of the Defenders. The Defenders, unlike other superhero teams such as the Avengers, lacked by-laws and a regular center of operations. The party also completely lacks permanent members because it was a loose alliance whose members didn't really care about one another. In some ways, the Defenders members are highly independent in that they like to work together according to their own particular plans. And the majority of the members are strangers who aren't recognized for their ability to work effectively with others.

Possible Powers & Abilities

who is defender strangeDefender Strange is a member of the Defenders and is known as Doctor Strange in the comics. This implies he's the same as the normal Doctor Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, he has the same abilities as Strange. Defender Strange, who is powerful enough to become the Sorcerer Supreme, might well be a master of the mystic arts as well. In his own realm, he may even be the Supreme Sorcerer. As a result, his skill of sorcery should be at an extremely high level, surpassing that of any other master of the mystic arts. Defender Strange could, among other abilities, fly, although not in the same way as Doctor Strange, since he was not seen using the same cloak. He should be able to perform a variety of additional spells as well, including reality modification and warping, astral projection, and accessing the Mirror Dimension.
who is defender strangeDefender Strange will only appear as a variant incarnation of Doctor Strange from a different reality with the same set of skills and abilities as Doctor Strange. However, it's possible that Marvel may take advantage of the chance to differentiate the character by adding a few talents and capabilities that the MCU version needs.

How Will Defender Strange Connect To Multiverse Of Madness?

What we now understand about Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is that movie will focus on the ramifications of how Stephen Strange messed with the fabric of space and time in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and how it damaged the multiverse. We saw several Spider-Man variations invade the MCU reality in No Way Home. The same thing will likely happen in Multiverse Of Madness, but in a completely different way that is unique to the movie. Strange may end up witnessing many versions of himself smash into one reality, which is why the teaser shows two separate versions of the character. Strange Supreme, the wicked or dark Doctor Strange, is the first. The other is a zombie Doctor Strange who may have originated in the What If...? reality.
It should be noted that Defender Strange's appearance in the story arc was not a surprise, since a toy prototype of the character was unveiled as early as December 2021. But we don't know how he relates to the events in the movie. Defender Strange may have come from a parallel dimension with America Chavez since the teaser says he arrived from the same star vortex that Chavez can open.
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