Parents On Twitter Are Sharing Hilarious Alternative Names For Their Kids If They Were Named After The Reason Parents Had Them

Having a baby is for sure a great joy for all parents. And to cherish the newest addition to their family, nothing is better than a meaningful name. It's not strange if parents spend weeks or even months, and a lot of consideration, to finally decide a name for their baby. After all, that name will go with the baby for the whole life. So let's make it as good as possible.
Now, what if children were named, not with the usual names, but after the real reasons parents had them? One mom on Twitter tuned in and sparked a hilarious conversation about this. Well, after scrolling through all sorts of incredibly funny "names," we have selected some of the best ones to present to you down below. Let's be honest. We think that many kids will have "Valentine's Day" or "Netflix N Chill" kind of names. And now, let's scroll down to see what names these parents have for their kids.


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