Funny Posts That Are The True Depictions Of Life In The Eyes Of Messy People

Sometimes I recall my childhood, the days without worries, without stress. I used to have hope that my life would be alright. That everything would be good and smooth. But now, if I could tell my past self, I would say: "Don't even think of that and better get prepared for whatever comes to you. Life will show no mercy." Fresh out of college, some cannot find a stable job to support their living. And even when we've been living on our own for years, nothing can ensure life will not suddenly hit you right in the face.
And, when Covid-19 hit our doors, things just got tumbled like a real mess. Well tho, it looks like a familiar sight to some people, as their life is relatively like a mess already. If you think you have lost control of your life, join us. Many people out there are sharing the struggles that mess up their life. And if you can manage your life the way you want, we believe that the posts below will speak your inner thought. Now, let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 That's the purpose

#2 Blame it on past you

#3 Why (I) do this to me?

#4 How can you not recognize me?

#5 You'll never know what I'm capable of

#6 Now that's a talent

#7 Who wouldn't do that?

#8 Now you've reached the full circle

#9 That's the summer call

#10 Skincare is a fraud

#11 Say that to the delivery man!!

#12 Still don't know what I waste my time on

#13 We think it'll taste good

#14 I felt hungry in the middle of the night. Is that an issue?

#15 Dream big, man!

#16 So glad that someone wants to take over to clean the mess

#17 Official announcement

#18 Fake it if you can't make it

#19 Reasonable plan

#20 It doesn't sound like a lot, really!

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