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Husky’s Owner Is Blamed For Letting His Dog Attack Unleashed Chihuahua Running To It With Full Speed And Biting Its Chin

Do you think that dogs should be on-leashed? Well, it’s unnecessary when you are at home playing with your dogs letting them run around your garden. But when you take your dogs out for a walk, you had better keep them on a leash. This isn’t to protect anyone else’s dogs, but yours. If you are raising a small dog, for instance, a chihuahua, then it’s even more important. Chihuahua is described as terrier-like and energetic, so they often make other dogs uncomfortable, even get mad playing with them. When they get attacked by bigger canines, it’s a real danger.

If you still can’t imagine how dangerous it is for two unleashed dogs, please read this story. An owner asked for advice from r/dogs after he was blamed for letting his Husky defend itself from an aggressive Chihuahua. The chihuahua’s owner was walking the dog when it accidentally went off-leash and saw the Husky. It started running to the Husky with full speed and biting the big dog. Meanwhile, the owner kept saying that his Chihuahua was friendly. Liar!

At first, the Husky didn’t care about the Chihuahua at all. But his patience completely disappeared when it started to bite his chin. The Husky ended up picking up the small dog with his mouth and shaking its head the way he did with his toys. The Chihuahua lost half of its life. Then, you can imagine what happened next with the two owners. Scroll down to read the full post.

Source: throwawaylol94

Source: throwawaylol94

Source: throwawaylol94

The story reminds us how important it is to always put a leash on your dog. If you allow them to be unleashed, then they fight with other dogs and get hurt, it’s your fault. The Chihuahua’s owner shouldn’t have blamed the other owner for all the bad things that had just happened because his dog was problematic, apparently.

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