Woman Asked If She Was A Bad Mom For Making Her Daughter Sleep Outside In Winter After Witnessing How Terribly She Treated A Homeless Man

You have a job and a home to return to, then you're luckier than many people out there. According to statistics, there are more than half a million homeless people in the US. And as we're going through the harshest winter, these people need more than just shelter. It's hard for people who have never been in such a situation to understand what it feels like to be at the bottom of society. No one chooses to be homeless. Many factors push those people into that misery.
And we, the luckier individuals in society, can do a lot to help these people. And even if we can't, some comforting words are nothing hard to say. They're already suffering enough, don't use callous words to hurt them anymore. This is the reason why this woman shared her story on Reddit. Redditor coolestthrowaway4 is a single mom to two daughters. She got fumed after knowing that her younger verbally offended a homeless man for nothing. This mom used to be in a similar situation, and her kids knew that. She thought that her kids would understand and show empathy to the man, but she was wrong. So, after apologizing to the man, she punished her younger by letting her sleep outside in a tent for one night. It was cold. It was uncomfortable. So she asked if she was a bad mom to do so. Let's scroll down to check out the full story.


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