Viral Tweet About Whether Or Not Discussing Salary With Co-workers Is Cool Sparks Huge Debate

As job seekers, when looking for a job position, we always have to engage in a nerve-wracking match with the employer. That's called salary negotiation. And regardless of the result, the final number is the secret between you and the employer only. Companies and businesses usually don't allow their employees to talk openly about salaries. Similarly, you probably realize that we were raised with the idea that to discuss it in any regard is rude, and we should avoid it at all cost.
Well, is that actually a good thing to keep? If you think about it, no one but the employers can benefit from this. As in the case of Lily Konings, she moved to SF and got a tech job. She asked for $100K, received a surprising offer at $120K, but then realized everyone was getting paid $150K. So she suggested that people should always talk about salaries with peers and friends. It's not just to ensure equality in pay and benefits. Her tweet went viral quickly and sparked a huge debate about whether or not it's cool to talk about salary with co-workers. Scroll down to see what people think about this.


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