20 Autocorrect Fails That Will Make You Laugh Like A Drain

Autocorrect function has been around for ages. And fairly to say, people have got more troubles with it rather than benefits. Ever since it was introduced to IOS in 2007, autocorrect has been the true culprit behind countless mother ducking incorrect text messages. Instead of suggesting the right option for your words, this function usually alters your text in an inexplicably weird sense. And as a result, people have a lot of cry-laughing situations, sending messages with the wrong meaning.
Even though we've already had a fair share of autocorrect mishaps, these things never stop being funny. And here, we have collected some tweets where people humiliate this amazing function and what it has done to them. Well, something that runs by codes cannot be as good as a human's brain, right? We know this gets so silly sometimes, but what can we do? At least, it brings some fun to us on gloomy days. That's good enough. Now, let's scroll down and enjoy the time with us!

#1 Why don't you let me enjoy my food

Source: Lilly

#2 True wise word

Source: LuvPug

#3 Blame the autocorrect for it

Source: 1followernodad

#4 Rare case when autocorrect does correct a message

Source: Manda_like_wine

#5 Don't make me sound like I'm really that excited

Source: johnsinspace

#6 High hope

Source: Talhah_S

#7 Don't really know who corrects who here

Source: ManLike_Nesta

#8 It's secretly laughing behind our backs

Source: meena

#9 You can't hide from autocorrect

Source: SladeWentworth

#10 Pretty good, indeed

Source: LurkAtHomeMom

#11 Poor man got fooled

Source: maryfairybobrry

#12 If something can go wrong, it will go wrong

Source: thearibrdford

#13 Autocorrect knows what's up

Source: sweetmomissa

#14 Now that we know your secret

Source: sarabellab123

#15 Got it!

Source: emilyseggie_

#16 I like to have both

Source: lilireinhart

#17 Don't make up my words like that

Source: Lilly

#18 It's a hint!

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#19 Now that everyone will never look at you the same, ever

Source: maryfairybobrry

#20 Now that I believe autocorrect has intelligence

Source: TheCatWhisprer

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