15 Hilarious Tweets From Parents Who Seem To Have Had Enough

At some point in life, people decide to have a kid. But be careful, parenthood is no smooth path. It's, in fact, the legit ultimate adventure. Dedication is one factor, but it's not all. Parents need to have strength, willpower, consistency, and of course, a certain amount of money to go till the end. Many think that as we all used to be kids raised by our parents, how hard can it be for us? They may have a point but wait until they become a parent then we know if they change their minds.
Having a kid is admittedly a blessing, so let's make it worth it. Parents put so much effort into raising their children and love them unconditionally. But we know, sometimes they only wish to be alone, in peace. We're humans, after all. The parents down below seem to have had enough, and they need to say it out or they're going to explode. We feel so guilty to laugh at their complaints, but they're indeed hilarious. Let's scroll down to check them out now!

#1 I like how witty this is

Source: isabelzawtun

#2 This business is going to thrive, for sure

Source: Lhlodder

#3 Bitter, but it's true!

Source: DadandBuried

#4 There's no way back, no fcking way!

Source: DocOctopussy

#5 This one is so funny

Source: daddydoubts

#6 Know your place, toddler!

Source: byclintedwards

#7 Relatable

Source: ramblinma

#8 Now that I have this knowledge

Source: R_A_Dadass

#9 Words of wisdom

Source: HomeWithPeanut

#10 New mom vs. Mom of 3, I guess

Source: copymama

#11 It's my turn to "get out" now

Source: Six_Pack_Mom

#12 This comparison hurts, but it can't be more correct

Source: cydbeer

#13 Dream on, parents!

Source: effinghandbook

#14 Tea party is definitely a trap

Source: UnfilteredMama

#15 The choice is clear

Source: Lhlodder

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