17 Mistakes That Will Not Be Forgotten

Now, should we all only keep the good things in mind and let go of all the bad things that happened? Sounds kind of good, right? Freeing your mind from negative thoughts will boost your mood and confidence. We are humans, from bones and flesh. We make mistakes all the time. But what is important here is that we need to learn to accept our faults and move on. We all know that regretting cannot reverse the consequences, right?
Of course, no one wants to get haunted by their own mistakes in the past. But, mistakes have scales, this and that. Most of the time, it's a matter of minutes for us to forget about our mistakes because they are harmless and trivial. But sometimes, we cannot get it out of our minds. It's not because of the severity of the mistake, but its ridiculousness. Some mistakes make us literally want to faint immediately or jump into a hole in the ground to hide from everyone else. Right here, we have collected such mistakes people made that can hardly be forgotten. Let's scroll down to check them out now!

#1 You can see history and future through those steps

#2 This bench has an automatic self-cleaning function

#3 It's disturbingly funny to look at this pic

#4 Yes, I'm here!

#5 I feel guilty that I enjoy reading this

#6 Aww, the dog looks cute, right?

#7 DIY - Destroy It Yourself

#8 Some just have no idea how the camera works

#9 I'll take that as an encouragement

#10 That's a hilarious fail

#11 Never think making pizza can be this hard

#12 Now you know that teaching your dog to use an inflatable pool bed is a mistake

#13 This is legit the most confusing graph I've ever seen

#14 The mistake is clear to see

#15 At least this person is honest

#16 Savage Wendy's

#17 Can you hear this pic?

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