17 Fascinating Photos Of Rarely Seen Objects That Will Open Your Mind

This world is constantly changing, so we need to do something to keep up with it. Watching the news is a good idea. That's one way we can get to know the most updated events. For another option, people like surfing on the internet. Websites and social media are full of news and information that may catch your attention. And if you are already here, we're glad to present to you something you may like.
We learn something new every day. And our article may help you open your mind a little bit for today. The list below comprises several rarely seen photos, from ancient cave paintings to the latest technological advances. We believe that you will be fascinated looking at them. So now, keep on reading and scroll down to have a look at those pics. And you can tell us which photos impress you the most in the comment section. Enjoy!

#1 If Holly (Ilex aquifolium) finds its leaves are being nibbled by deer, it switches genes on to make them spiky when they regrow. So on taller Holly trees, the upper leaves (which are out of reach) have smooth edges, while the lower leaves are prickly

#2 The True Size of Australia

#3 Photos used in Australia to try and explain to tourists you can’t do a lap of Australia in 2 weeks in a Camry

#4 Cremation ceremony held for a Bengal Tiger in Pench Tiger Reserve, India. Affectionately called ‘Collarwali’ by locals, she raised a total of 25 cubs during her lifetime

#5 Here is what a $360/month apartment looks like in Hong Kong

#6 The Taliban delegation onboard a private jet on their way to Norway

#7 The F-35’s human-machine interface helmet costs $400,000

#8 A city in Germany has made these thermally insulated pods for homeless people to sleep. These units are known as ‘Ulmer Nest’

#9 Cave painting, Oued Djaret, Algeria, 7-2000 BCE

#10 The other side of a fast-food soda fountain

#11 Women only parking in Germany. About 7% of violent crimes against women occur in parking garages, and this is an attempt to make parking safer for women

#12 This is what it looks like when a mechanic meets his worst nightmare

#13 This is what happens when you don’t change your oil

#14 Sniper’s Nest At Superbowl Stadium

#15 Ukrainian special forces with GPNVG-18 quad-lens night vision goggles

#16 Anatolian sheepdog after protecting its herd from a wolf attack

#17 Worlds largest cemetery is located in Iraq. 5 million bodies and 1400 years old

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