Rescuer Goes Viral For Threatening To Confiscate Dog After New Owner Denies Her Request

Certainly, when you adopt a pet, you are waiting for a new experience to come and beautify your life with more pleasures, happiness, and fun. A furry friend will be a member of your family and a loyal companion that will be going with you through good and bad moments. This woman, however, found herself in trouble after she adopted a dog from a rescuer.
In her Reddit post shared on r/legaladvice, she revealed how the rescue worker controlled her and her dog's life even after the adoption. The rescuer demanded that the woman add her on Facebook so she could see what was going on with the dog, whether it was living a good life in the new house or being well-treated by the new owner.
In response, the woman refused the request because it was a violation of her privacy. In addition, it wasn't stated in the contract that she had to be Facebook friends with the rescuer if required. So what happened next? Please read the full post here.

Source: GoldLectura

Source: GoldLectura

Source: GoldLectura

If you were in her shoes, how would you solve this situation?
In my opinion, it is normal that many Rescue want to keep further updates of the pets after they find them new forever homes. It is the way they give the demand that seems unreasonable and aggressive. There are many ways they can get pictures from the owner, not only via Facebook. For example, if they had asked her to send pictures and updates via email, she'd have agreed because it didn't violate her privacy.
Redditors also take the side of the OP (original poster) and gave her some helpful advice.


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