Guess My Day Wasn't The Worst Compared To These 15 Situations

It is fascinating that good luck and bad luck always exist together. If someone suddenly runs into trouble, don't worry, they will conquer and meet the luckiness soon. Surprisingly, even when they have bad luck, it may prevent them from facing more serious troubles. It is called a lark, luck in bad luck. 
However, it seems that some people lack both luck and lark. Some experience bad luck, even quite often. It means that whatever you do or how hard you try, it will fail hard. You can imagine how exhausted it would be if you're the one going through a bad patch. Maybe, your day isn't so terrible like these people below.
Please sit back and relax, because we will show you 15 times that bad luck ruins someone's day but they can't do anything about it. Hopefully, these can cheer you up!!!

#1 I'm trying my best not to slap my cat

Source: lurkerpatrol

#2 I bought this car 1 hour ago and the engine stalled and started leaking oil

Source: ConnorRB

#3 What did I think to put this pipe in my car?

Source: JustHereForTheBeer_

#4 Ah sh!t

Source: dinguslinguist

#5 My sashimi brought friends

Source: AcornWholio

#6 Can't even look at it

Source: PalBuddyFriendo

#7 My limited edition vinyl


#8 Poor neighbors

Source: nynfortoo

#9 My brand new honey jar

Source: sixpigeons

#10 Someone took a piss

Source: youre-doing-greaaaat

#11 I fell off my horse and a jumping cactus caught me

Source: Knyxie

#12 Left my fork at home...

Source: finyes

#13 Got nothing to say

Source: dylanciaga

#14 I was really excited

Source: PruddentBubble

#15 That was how my morning started

Source: EscapedSmoggy

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