30 Confusing And Amusing Text Messages Between Landlords And Tenants

It takes years for an average person to afford to buy their own place. So, if you're not a birth lottery winner, you'll live under rent at some point in your life. Now, even though we pay to live there, the place is technically not ours. There are things that we are allowed to do and things that are forbidden. So, when choosing an apartment, look for those rules to see if they fit your lifestyle. And also, look for an apartment with an "out of your hair" kind of landlord. This is pretty important.
Some landlords are generous and friendly; others can be quite a nuisance. And that's why the story between landlords and tenants seems to have no end. We want that our landlords will only show up to check the properties then leave for us to enjoy our day. But, that ideal landlord is the one you'll never meet. Down below, we have collected some of the funniest, most confusing text messages between landlords and tenants. Scroll down to see the most outrageous landlord tests that people received.

#1 This is your landlord speaking

#2 Hey all you cool cats and kittens

#3 Girls just wanna have fun

#4 Law and order

#5 Potterheads

#6 Falling short

#7 Microwave

#8 What kind of a landlord are you?

#9 Send pics

#10 Making an exception

#11 Sleepover

#12 Not my job

#13 A weird sense of humor

#14 The kitchen is not meant for cooking?

#15 Party crasher

#16 The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

#17 Short notice

#18 Pizza party

#19 A nice bloke

#20 Fishy business

#21 Someone’s been doing their homework

#22 A worldwide phenomenon

#23 Pretty please

#24 Playing the game

#25 Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

#26 Rat pack

#27 Dream a little dream of me

#28 Aprils’ fools

#29 That’s not how it works

#30 A cinderella story

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