Signs Get Hilarious Just Because The Design Stage Was Ruined

Signs appear everywhere in our lives. You can find them on every corner of the street, in restaurants, in supermarkets,... Signs give you visual instruction or warnings of something.
Moreover, signs are also used for advertising purposes. Just look at those eye-catching signs and you will easily catch the information. That's is a quick, effective way that brands use to market their goods. And of course, there are some rules of making signs to ensure they can impart the information effectively.
However, these signs below seem not to follow normal rules, which leads to misunderstandings. It can be a wrong image, wrong context, or simply confusing creativity. Scroll down to check out these 20 funny signs and we are sure you will collapse into giggles.

#1 No comment

Source: svenlandicx

#2 Best warning sign I've ever seen

Source: awesomefacepalm

#3 This geographically challenged sign

Source: moose_anus77

#4 This terribly worded sign I saw today. Sorry, I’ll pick up my dog’s poop... wouldn’t want to ruin your child's eating experience.

Source: KevenNotKevin

#5 What a motivational sign!

Source: JRad8888

#6 I won't mind doing that

Source: norapillows

#7 A once in a lifetime opportunity

Source: Ben10com05

#8 Thanks "riends"

Source: maybebyam

#9 My eyes...

Source: polish_animu_boi

#10 There's something wrong with the counting part

Source: Imhereforgiofilmsbro

#11 Great one to make people confused

Source: aegisventus

#12 To make a blood donation sign

Source: pietradolce

#13 There must be a slaughter sign...

Source: dinklenerg

#14 Such a huge difference

Source: djd1ed

#15 How am I supposed to understand this?

Source: HannahYassss

#16 So informative

Source: SupYoPeople

#17 Impressive

Source: cityliqhts

#18 Whatever you are about to do

Source: notgayyyyy

#19 Obey the rules, become a stalker

Source: psuranas

#20 It's kinda annoying tho

Source: sleightlymagical

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