30 Funny Text Conversations Between Parents And Their Kids

If it weren’t for our parents, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. They brought us to life, raised us, and helped us build our future. We all feel grateful to our parents for all the time, care, and love they give us. We learn so many things from our parents, especially social skills and other helpful skills like cooking and fixing things. However, our parents can also be clueless at times. And even though we love them like nothing else, we can help but laugh at them for acting like that.
Okay, every human being makes mistakes every single day. And our parents are no exception. People in the list below share the conversations between them and their parents that can make you laugh your head off. Misunderstanding is something that cannot be described by words, huh? Parents acting clueless may be the most entertaining moment you'll ever see. But that's alright. We can explain it to them later. But for now, we need to take a break and laugh.

#1 The personla touch

#2 Turn the volume up

#3 Ghosted by her child

#4 Happy Father’s Day

#5 Can you repeat the question?

#6 Let’s get some toast

#7 It’s not what you think

#8 Living with a stranger

#9 Would you like some love?

#10 Share it on social media

#11 Left behind

#12 The man in the mirror

#13 Online exposure

#14 No laughing matter

#15 Well that’s fantastic

#16 He will be missed

#17 For the likes

#18 You forgot your phone

#19 You only live once

#20 What do you mean?

#21 What’s your name?

#22 Don’t be so cruel

#23 Return the favor

#24 Try this on

#25 Which child is which?

#26 Suspicious parents

#27 Did it work?

#28 Watch your step

#29 A distorted view

#30 We don’t know everything

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