The 30 Wildest And Most Embarrassing Things Americans Actually Said On The Internet

Great America has many admirable achievements. This land is where many inventors set their first steps to change the whole world. Wright brothers are a good example. Thanks to them, humans, for the very first time in our long history, can reach for the sky, flying above the clouds. Their invention opened a new era in the development of humans. And of course, apart from this, America has many things more of which we can be proud. But, we bet that our education system will not be one of them.
Living in a first-world country, US citizens shouldn't have any problem understanding common knowledge. But that's not the case. Sometimes, Americans surprise everyone with the wild words they say on the internet. It's cringe-worthy and quite embarrassing for other Americans to witness such ignorance. Though we have to admit that it's pretty funny to see it, this is not good at all. Is it a sign that says the education system is doomed? Anyway, people should check their words before posting them online. Or else, they're just making a fool of themselves.

#1 Military time

#2 Language barrier

#3 Running water

#4 Date of birth

#5 Shared borders

#6 Native Americans

#7 Not a country

#8 American literature

#9 No accent

#10 Asking for a friend

#11 A tale of two cities

#12 Protestors

#13 Wrong flag

#14 Turned around

#15 Rising temperatures

#16 Made in the US of A

#17 State recognition

#18 Mesuring time

#19 Geographically challenged

#20 Not sure about that

#21 World geography

#22 Right word

#23 A country within a country

#24 Change of date

#25 Proper order

#26 Foreign correspondence

#27 Good call

#28 Running water

#29 Not a country

#30 Stepping back

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