Hilarious Moments When People Create Themselves The Worst Nightmares

Life is certainly hard for an average human being. People try their hardest every day to make their lives better. But it seems to be not enough. Effort and patience are not enough to turn your dream into reality. Well, sometimes it's a matter of luck that can make or break a thing. And for these people, fortune doesn't smile on them this time.
Trying to make your dream come true, this sounds nice. Everyone should have a goal in life and turn it into the motivation they need to move forwards. But, be careful, or you can turn your dream into the worst nightmare trying to do so. That's pretty much what happened to these people. They are all responsible for what they have done. Well, it's just sad that not all mistakes are reversible. So, we hope that they better think thoroughly before trying out certain activities. Hair dying failure is a minor mistake, but blowing up the house is definitely a big deal.

#1 Beware of unopened paper envelopes in close proximity to shredders

Source: Flying-Tilta

#2 The Titanic and water damage are mutually exclusive

Source: A_502

#3 Tight pants and ceremonial marching can lead to gaping situations

Source: Spodiz

#4 Pizza boxes and car roofs are not a great mix

Source: YungWolly

#5 Gravity works in not so mysterious ways when it comes to stairs

Source: Shaneblaster

#6 Russian roulette with deviled eggs is a lose-lose situation

Source: buttchomper

#7 All it takes are a few lottery numbers to change a life

Source: reddit

#8 When buying a vacuum it is important that it sucks

Source: kausthubnarayan

#9 This butter really needs to work on its morning face

Source: frankw80

#10 Just listen to the license plate and everything will be fine

Source: craymond817

#11 What the valet stall looks like in las vegas is important

Source: LVbellman

#12 There is a favorite child or pet in every family

Source: Dispose_101

#13 Some car keys are more than they appear to be

Source: iawesomesauceyou

#14 Shortening words can give them a whole new meaning

Source: baconismadefromcats

#15 How to keep a house cold according to some moms

Source: dfGobBluth

#16 Every snow skid mark has a long tale to tell

Source: RedditBrowserBored

#17 All are welcome to the church of ladder day saints

Source: drdoom

#18 Eau De melted plastic and other little known candle scents

Source: TomSF

#19 Bleach is the best product for unintentional tie-dye jobs

Source: that1legend

#20 Oven safe is a label some people should look for

Source: bsurfn2day

#21 There is a right way and a wrong way to clean a laptop screen

Source: xcstf

#22 If it looks too good to be true it probably is

Source: soomanytomatoes

#23 The differences between brining and baking a holiday turkey

Source: jesseburns

#24 Stew with a hint of shattered glass is the latest cuisine

Source: UnluckyDayOfMe

#25 An unusual wake-up call involves a car and a house

Source: hfrte

#26 Sometimes it takes more than a contractor to fix a wall

Source: King_Baboon

#27 Glass top stoves and cabinetry should be a good fit

Source: thorisadog

#28 New art is created every second and a lot of it is unintentional

Source: nocktte

#29 Lionesses are all around if you look closely enough

Source: Bosobogolo

#30 Come on outside, the weather is fine today

Source: Xingua92

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