Weird And Funny Pics Where We Have No Idea What's Going On

People upload hundreds of millions of pictures on the internet every year. That's a biggg number. We literally take photos of everything around, from pets to plants, people, and scenery. Scenic photos are my favorites. I love traveling and exploring different places in the world. Of course, other pics are also great. Through those photos, people show us the beauty of this world from many different angles.
However, not all pictures are the same. We have the good ones and also the bad ones. Out of those many million pics, there are a lot of weird pictures that leave us questioning. Not so sure if it's luck, but people, sometimes, manage to take photos of unusual situations that boggle our minds. Take a look at the pictures below, and we're sure you will have a lot of questions popping up in your mind. What is that person doing in the pic? Or what is that pic about exactly? Now, keep reading and find the answer (maybe)!

#1 Who would wrap each and every apple like this?!

#2 Someone is hiding there...

#3 How to call this vehicle?

#4 People have weird taste sometimes...

#5 Yes, weird. I meant it!

#6 That bike looks dangerous, seriously!

#7 "You wanna try?"

#8 Looks impressive, tho

#9 I will not want to have meat that color on my dish

#10 What on earth is this thing?

#11 Feel like choking somebody in their neck

#12 This... dirty dish. Eww

#13 Excuse me?!

#14 That one design that irritate your feeling

#15 What's that? Haunted pathway?

#16 Full score for creativity

#17 This very ridiculously useless something...

#18 Simple way to have a flat TV

#19 What the heck?

#20 Don't get yourself covered in poop, man!

#21 Driving skill level: EGGSpert!

#22 Is this chair cemetery?

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