Girl Scolding Mourning BF For Making Her Embarrassed At Vet Clinic Is Taught How She Should Behave With Him And His Dog

What makes you embarrassed? Maybe when you make a mistake or say something wrong. Therefore, people are often careful in public places to avoid getting themselves blushed with shame in front of the crowd. But what if we are embarrassed because of other people?
An original poster throwra434345 has recently shared a moment her boyfriend couldn't control his emotion and embarrassed her at the vet. The post soon became viral with 10K upvotes and thousands of comments.
To cut a long story short, the OP's boyfriend had a dog who was diagnosed with cancer. If you have ever raised a sick pet, you'll understand how bad he felt. He collapsed in front of the vet and his GF and started sobbing, literally. Instead of trying a way to comfort him, the GF, on the other hand, thought that he was overacting and that he was embarrassing both of them at the clinic.

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When she talked to him about it, the two had a serious argument. While the OP said he should've held his emotions and handled the news better, the BF thought she was blaming him when he was in a mental breakdown.

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The majority of netizens rally behind the man and sympathize with his loss of a furry companion.

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The OP shouldn't dictate someone to stop their emotional flow just because it makes her feel embarrassed in public. All human emotions are natural, and it is selfish to force anyone not to respond to them.

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In addition, the OP's mindset seems to be the matter. She doesn't want her BF to cry in front of people because she thinks he shouldn't do that as a man. It is absolutely a wrong gender prejudice. Who said that man can not cry?

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People are sharing similar situations they experienced, too!

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