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Funny Pics That Reveal The Struggles Of Being A Lefty In A Right-handed World

Which of your hand is dominant? Just for perspective, up to 90% of people in the world are right-handed. So, it’s not easy to meet a left-handed person. I only know one person myself. You can see that right-handed people are dominant and that we make this world fit our right hand. That’s unfair for the left-handed people. They sometimes struggle with even the daily task due to their dominant left hand.

Out of all that real struggles, writing may be the most annoying. There’s no way a lefty can write and keep their hand clean, absolutely. And that is just one of many problems a lefty has to confront in their daily life. And here, we have collected some pictures that perfectly describe the horror of being left-handed in a world of righties. But don’t scroll down just yet; I have one more thing to tell you. Do you know that August 13th is International Left-Handers Day? Yeah, I would be excited to know what our friends will do on that day.


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