10+ Moments When People Just Had One Job And Couldn't Even Do It

People who have the motivation to go to work every day, all-year-round, what's your secret? Like, how can you do the same thing repeatedly without getting bored after such a long time? Many people are like they couldn't be bothered to care when at work anymore. Low energy, lack of sleep, mind wandering, and so on; any of these can be the reason they couldn't get their job done.
Well, how much they don't care also varies from person to person. However, no matter how bad it can get, the consequences are always clear to see, and they're just hilarious sometimes. People in the pictures below have one job, and they can't even do it. Fairly to say, their mistakes are so dumb that make others laugh hard. Scroll down to take a look for yourself, and you'll see that professional inadequacy can result in hilarious situations. Enjoy!

#1 Looks at my tourist friend besides me

Source: kioku119

#2 The view is... nice!

Source: schen4181

#3 Yes, I can hear much better now

Source: squaqy

#4 Probably a store based on Mars

Source: ReguIarHooman

#5 Thanks for your help, Roblox!

Source: Sanitized_b01

#6 Now the sun will rise in the west

Source: Stolenthieves

#7 A slide that takes you straight to heaven

Source: Stolenthieves

#8 Okay so, these are potatoes or onions?

Source: Stolenthieves

#9 Introducing a new type of transportation, the BՈS

Source: Stolenthieves

#10 Well, that's a maze thing...

Source: Stolenthieves

#11 How am I supposed to read this?

Source: Stolenthieves

#12 Tone sur tone

Source: Stolenthieves

#13 That mistake is impressive!

Source: Stolenthieves

#14 Extra place for stuff

Source: Stolenthieves

#15 Get fooled by the leafy image, I think?

Source: Stolenthieves

#16 "I'm not trained for this!"

Source: the_pink_witch

#17 You better be careful, we can see eeeverything

Source: MetherHD

#18 Yes, potatoes are good

Source: noodlegod47

#19 Are you kidding me?!

Source: jamesburrow23

#20 Tightly locked

Source: Lieutenant_Trouble

#21 I meant it!

Source: johnnybarton411

#22 Is that okay? Sounds not so good

Source: vivacestipple616

#23 Zi-zi-ziraf!

Source: bolshoybooze

#24 You see? No EXCEPTIONS!

Source: DeGoldenCake

#25 Customers won't mind a little hole in their cards, believe me

Source: charsie_godha

#26 Still got 4, right?

Source: declancochran

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