22 Times People Were Poorly Caught As Photoshop Addicts

We are able to communicate with people we have never met before thanks to social media. Although some users have fascinating or significant things to share, most of them focus on publishing pictures of their attractive selves.
To create an image that is absolutely surreal, photoshop, heavy filters, and a variety of advanced (and not so advanced) techniques are used. Unfortunately, many people are overusing it in their pictures. And, as a result, their online images are totally different from their real appearances. Sometimes, we can't even recognize them although they are our acquaintances.
To find the truth beneath the glamor of make-up and filters, we have compiled 22 moments people got busted using too much photoshop. And we are sure you gonna laugh so hard.

#1 You know everyone wants to be gorgeous online

Source: TheStayAtHomeAtheist

#2 I won't judge

Source: BigBootyBianca

#3 4 out of 5 dentists approved

Source: dmtacos82

#4 This is the reason why people are scared to be tagged

Source: Yayitselizabeth

#5 Didn't expect this huh?

Source: meep_meep_merp

#6 I'm laughing over the size of this guy's head

Source: FreddieL2103

#7 Remember to be YOU

Source: OptionsRMe

#8 "This guy popped up in my feed as a sponsored story"

Source: Lksarchitecs

#9 What the model posted vs. photographer

Source: clutchkickmurphys

#10 Is it a trend?

Source: helibear90

#11 Can you teach me how to catch these photos?

Source: _waigwe

#12 Actually, this scares me

Source: ZeuslovesHer

#13 Oh wow...

Source: jueoni

#14 She's truly good at editing

Source: fannywaffles

#15 I know what you're thinking

Source: fenixdarkdirk

#16 Crooked wall syndrome

Source: Slow-Werewolf

#17 Instagram stuff

Source: olivia-annabelle

#18 Well cool dodge

Source: stonemilking

#19 So confused

Source: ZoIpidem

#20 Must be her sister in the car

Source: illegalmemesforsale

#21 Perfect example for online vs. reality

Source: ZoIpidem

#22 You forgot your legs, guy!

Source: illegalmemesforsale

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