Rumor: John Krasinski Will Be Mr. Fantastic In "Doctor Strange 2"

The return of the Sorcerer Supreme played by Benedict Cumberbatch could turn into an unpredictable and huge parade of guest stars, if the rumors are confirmed.
Marvel has approached the Multiverse with many great decisions in 2021, first with the Loki series and then with the amazing success Spider-Man: No Way Home which, news of the last hours, has exceeded 1.6 billion dollars at the international box office.
The next MCU movie due out in May, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, promises to further explore Strange's knowledge of the Multiverse. We have already been able to take a look at the first sequences of the film with the official trailer, in which several well-known faces also appear.
Along with Strange, other MCU characters who will also take part in the multiverse journey include Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Wong (Benedict Wong). Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will also mark the debut of America Chavez, a superheroine capable of moving between universes, and we can bet that she will not be the only novelty of the film.
Although major plot details are kept under wraps, it appears that in this second chapter, Strange will face the repercussions of his actions in Spider-Man: No Way Home after his spell ripped through the Multiverse and allowed people from other realities to visit the main Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.
Apparently, however, Doctor Strange 2 will delve even deeper into the Multiverse and explore it in exhilarating ways. Just a few days ago we reported the possible involvement of Ben Affleck in the film for a quick cameo in the role of Daredevil (or rather a variant of Daredevil, if we consider Charlie Cox's Daredevil as the main one). Not only that, but we also talked about Edward Norton, Tobey Maguire, Nicolas Cage and many other actors who participated in Marvel films made before the birth of the MCU. And perhaps the film's ambitions don't end there.
The Illuminerdi has just dropped a bomb that could make a lot of MCU fans happy, and why is soon said.
From what the site reports, it appears that John Krasinski will actually take part in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, playing a role that fans would be raving about. According to these rumors, the star of The Office and A Quiet Place would indeed be involved in the role of Reed Richards, better known as Mr. Fantastic!

Image source: @captain_117/Twitter

Now, if that turns out to be true, it would be a huge win for MCU fans, who have been clamoring for Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt's involvement as the leader of the Fantastic Four and Susan Storm for years. If the news is confirmed, in Doctor Strange 2 we will see the official debut in the MCU of one of the members of the Fantastic Four while waiting for the film directed by Jon Watts that could be released in 2023.
The victory of the fans, however, may not be total.
The Illuminerdi reports that Krasinski will actually be Mr. Fantastic in the film directed by Sam Raimi, but that he will not become the reference Reed Richards for the MCU. Accordingly, Krasinski's character will actually be a variant of the "real" Reed Richards, coming from another universe that perhaps Stephen Strange and the other protagonists will visit during their long and dangerous journey.

Image source: Marvel Comics

The Variant concept within the MCU was first introduced in Loki's first season. This term identifies all those alternative versions of the characters that are part of the so-called Sacred Timeline of the MCU - the main timeline of the Avengers, which are therefore part of alternative timelines and universes. The Spider-Man of Maguire and Garfield, following this reasoning, are the variants of Tom Holland's Peter Parker.
Among the many cameos, therefore, in Doctor Strange 2 we could perhaps also witness the participation of John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, even if his stay in the MCU could be limited to this film. All this would be such a pity, also because in a 2020 interview, after being questioned on the matter, the actor and director stated that he was widely available and interested in the role, and that he appreciated that fans were asking for his participation.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive in theaters on May 4, 2022.
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