The World Supports Girl Who Decides To Stop Vegan Roommate From Having A Cat

Cats are adorable creatures, and whoever they belong to, they all deserve to live the best life with their owners. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, before deciding to foster a cat, please consider which food you'd better offer your cat. Cats are carnivores, which means that they can't eat a plant-based diet. Otherwise, they'll get sick and unhealthy.
A girl has recently shared on r/AITA her attempts to stop her roommate, who's a vegan, from being able to adopt a cat. The only reason, as explained, is that she doesn't want the cat to be fed with vegan dry food and suffer some further health problems.

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ASPCA has suggested cats with a vegan diet can not be a good choice because it can not provide cats with enough taurine and protein essential for their daily activities. A plant-based diet contains a high amount of carbohydrates while cats need energy from food with calorie density. The lack of nutrients can result in serious health issues in cats including damage to their kidneys and heart.

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Back to the story, it's understandable that the girl always tries to persuade her roommate to give up planning to raise a cat. If she insists to feed the cat a vegan diet, its health will be affected. A pet is innocent and it deserves to eat what it likes and what is necessary for its survival.
Reddit users are taking the side of the original poster (OP). Before adopting a cat, we really should consider whether we are able to offer it a better chance at life. In the interview with the shelter, the roommate lies about the cat food, which means that she understands what she's doing is wrong. But it seems like she just thinks of her feelings without considering the cat's health. Moreover, if she can't drive, how can she offer the pet regular check-ups at the vet? Or does she just never think about it?

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Instead of having a cat, people suggest that the OP's roommate raise a rabbit, guinea pig, and tortoise because they all love vegetables.

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Netizens show their sympathy for the OP and make sure she should be proud of her action.

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