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Woman Asks If She’s Wrong To Refuse To Keep Her Friend’s Pets Because They Disturb Her Family

We can’t deny the benefits of having good friends. Many people are comfortable, relieved, and free to laugh over funny jokes with their friends. At times they’ll need our help, and there are times we need their help in return. Of course, no one is hesitant about landing a friend a hand when he/she encounters difficulties. But when our help becomes something to be taken for granted, it’s time we need to raise our voice.

Reddit user u/SoftGoth626 has posted on r/AITA asking if she was wrong for laying her back on her friend when refusing to take care of her two guinea pigs. The reasons were clear. She thought that the existence of the animals bothered her pets, her father, and messed up everything inside her house. It wasn’t just a problem of the animals, but the friend seemed to be irresponsible with her pets as well.

In more detail, the woman told that her friend visited her animals twice in two months, gave only £40 for their food and necessities. She didn’t care whether it was enough or whether her friend (and other members in the house) were comfortable with her pets.

Meanwhile, the woman admitted having breathing difficulty with the guinea pig’s bedding, and her father was annoyed with their smell. One of her rats was hospitalized after having respiratory issues caused by the guinea pig’s sawdust and hay. Her dog who had suffered psychological problems before started hating the new members and making her ears bleed.

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It is clear that the friend just doesn’t care about animals at all.

Source: SoftGoth626

Source: SoftGoth627

Also, she isn’t a good friend, because if she were, she’d never hinder the piece of her friend.

Source: SoftGoth628

Not only about the financial problem, but it’s also a problem of animals.

Source: SoftGoth630

It’s important to know your exact responsibilities and make everything clear with your friends before you decided to foster their pets.

Source: SoftGoth630

If you are not sure what should be your duty as a pet caretaker and what should be your friend’s, please ask Google.

Source: SoftGoth630

People take the side of the woman and think that her friend should get stricter deadlines.

Source: SoftGoth629

Source: SoftGoth629

Source: SoftGoth633

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