Clueless Folks Who Missed The Joke By Miles

It's great to finish a day by laying down on the couch and getting something to entertain. For me, I'd like to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and such to find something funny. Nothing can be more refreshing than a good dose of laughter. You know, I'm not so good at making jokes, so I look for them from others. And lucky me, I can always find more than what I expected.
Sometimes, you can come across a super funny joke, like, the one that can make you laugh for days. And not just that, you get a handful of bonuses by looking at the comment section. Some people are just clueless about that joke. And predictably, they call out the OPs and treat them like morons. That is for sure 100x times funnier than the joke itself. Love to find those gems. And here, we have collected some fine examples of poor folks who miss the joke way too far. Scroll down and have some good laughs!


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