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Photoshop Masters Who Are Beating The Highest Level Of The Editing Game (Or Maybe Not)

It’s hard to satisfy us, humans. We’re obsessed with perfection in every detail, which is impossible, for sure. But you all know that saying: “Fake it till you make it,” the motto is very motivational, but don’t get it wrong. It doesn’t mean you should make things up to some unacceptable level just to satisfy your desire. And yet, out of ten pictures you see on social media, nine (if not all ten) are edited.

That’s true. The social media we see is so fake. No wonder why it creates misleading mindsets in youngsters. But, don’t people notice that some pictures are just obviously photoshopped? They must have a strong belief that others will see nothing wrong with their heavily edited photos, but no way. It’s funny to see, though. So here, we have compiled a list of hilarious photoshop fails to bring you some laughter for the day. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Something tells us those models are unaware of the fact that they’re wearing glasses

Source: superlazyninja

#2 There’s definitely no one else in this pic

Source: cassanaya

#3 He’s such a modest man wearing those socks and sandals

Source: whatwhatwhatwaht

#4 Two hands is never enough

Source: star_captain_toaster

#5 Mr. Bean is always young

Source: Justin_D_Beaner

#6 Her appearance distorts space

Source: filthyrehab

#7 Family enjoying a picnic on the magic carpet

Source: Nigerian-Nightmare

#8 A giant, for sure

Source: Kalu Pahalwan

#9 We paid $250 for this picture to a man who claimed himself to be a professional

Source: empress_of_pinkskull

#10 X-me: New Mutant

Source: reddit

#11 Mr. Muscle can do this all day

Source: MaxDivision

#12 Zero fat legs

Source: wiladin

#13 Her head looks huge

Source: DoublePlusGoodGames

#14 We doubt that he visited this place

Source: dude-br

#15 Her foot seems not right

Source: IAMARocketSurgeon

#16 Did it hurt when they landed?

Source: JustGamble

#17 Well done!

Source: Erika_trevino


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