20 People Who Messed Up Real Bad, It's Sad And Funny At The Same Time

It's hard to stay focused all day long. Without some extra boosts from coffee, many would collapse during the day. The tiredness and stress from work and life can sometimes distract us from whatever we are doing. It's a common thing. But we need to get back to our track as soon as possible. You know, even the slightest distraction can lead to disaster.
Taking a wrong train then ending up stranded in nowhere or forgetting you have something in the oven while cooking, absent-mindedness doesn't always end well. People are sharing their most terrible mistakes when doing something with the mind in the cloud. Well, people only realize they messed up when everything's out of control. It's sad, but we couldn't stop laughing seeing their mistakes. Here we have compiled up a list of hilarious mistakes people have made. Let's scroll down and enjoy some good laughs.

#1 Someone ate my fake apple

Source: ITeaserEgo

#2 I forgot to turn off the stove when boiling the egg

Source: Intelligent_Ad7273

#3 I only relized this when it's already hardened

Source: drempire

#4 This may be the toothpaste I used this morning

Source: puresemantics

#5 Spaghetti and garlic bread, but I forgot I was making garlic bread

Source: Before_I_Pine_Away

#6 My boyfriend helped me order paper towels and toilet paper, and commented about how expensive they were

Source: Odd-Sandwich-3111

#7 My wife said, ’I’m going as Belle, get the matching costume.’ I didn’t understand the assignment

Source: CrazyDrakes

#8 I shattered a customer’s window on the first day at work

Source: Zombiehacker***

#9 I melted my son’s toothbrush...

Source: _LumpBeefbroth_

#10 Spent 2 weeks to make this helmet, fogot it in the car for one day and then

Source: PandaKing185

#11 A friend lost his wallet earlier this week — found it today magnetized to his car

Source: JDBAZ

#12 Found this in the washing machine in my building. Someone must be tearing their apartment to pieces looking for it.

Source: MonkyThrowP**p

#13 Shattered my Xbox today when I lost my footing

Source: dagonb1

#14 Someone completely forgot it was paving day

Source: sar1284

#15 My wife tried to clean my cast iron. How much alimony should I get?

Source: SecretlyHiddenSelf

#16 My husband tried to apologize by making me a candlelit bath. The glass container was a little too spicy for the plastic bathtub

Source: togostarman

#17 Got off the train at the wrong station. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere without food, it’s raining, it’s cold, I’m hungry, and the next train is in 7 hours

Source: Lambrusc1

#18 I've made a terrible mistake

Source: unknown

#19 Hmm, it tastes weird

Source: unknown

#20 This poor dude

Source: unknown

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