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Owner Spots ‘Missing’ Cat Hanging Upside Down On Tree Branches After A Hard Time Finding It But Fails

During the lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic, outdoor activities are canceled, and people have to stay at home. We know that many of you find social distancing very boring, but believe us, you are not the only one.

This cat seemed fed up with the whole lockdown thing that she decided to spend some time outside – although most pets enjoy cuddles and the playtimes with their owners indoors.

There would be nothing much to mention if she hadn’t played outside in such a dramatic way. The cat’s owner, Rick, shared on Reddit the strangest and funniest moment he found his missing cat after some searching failures.

Source: Rick1771

Along with the picture, he wrote a caption: “Today we couldn’t find our cat, so we looked out the window and…” You see, the cat was hanging on the branches of the tree in such a… ridiculous way, which made the photo viral in just a short time.

Within 3 days, it attracted 117K upvoted and thousands of comments. As you might guess, people wondered about the funny cat and her safety.

Very soon, Rick posted another picture with further updates about his cat, Biter: “She fell (very elegantly) right after this, but don’t worry—she’s completely fine!” However, the playful cat didn’t seem happy to be carried. At least, we can be safe in the knowledge that he was in good condition.

Source: Rick1771


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