Forget All The Movie Scenes, This Is What Life Really Looks Like

Life is like a machine that constantly generates opportunities and also problems. Unfortunately, we can't change the order of life. The only thing we can do is to deal with them. However, we are not God, sometimes we can't solve problems. And these situations do hit directly in our faces, which is extremely painful. Moreover, in some cases, it can badly affect somebody else. It makes people feel powerless and negative. 
We do understand all of that. Surprisingly, it turns out that there are more people like you than you thought. Let us display 20 moments people have the same situation. We guess your mind needs to be comforted, so why don't we enjoy this article with open-mindedness? By the way, don't be shy to laugh out loud with us.

#1 Missing a tree and it becomes this

Source: berchielli

#2 People said it'd be fun to have a cat. And this is what it's like

Source: allahash

#3 Such a good way to start a day

Source: CarmelitaBenavidez

#4 I had raccoons climb in my garage and eat all my raccoon repellant

Source: HighQualityH20h

#5 Don't even know what to say

Source: Endarius

#6 My faith in the roof is now gone

Source: Skaydrel

#7 If you don't wanna be in Titanic, never buy a basement apartment

Source: TargetBoyz

#8 This is the source of a significant portion of my travel anxiety

Source: deadfeather19

#9 "You have such a stunning tree" - they said. This was what happened the day after

Source: RF1901

#10 I thought it'd be chill to have a bed next to the window

Source: meiirenaa

#11 Did you buy a flipped house?

Source: BatM6tt

#12 You summoned evil by stir-frying with a lid

Source: magnalbatross

#13 Imagine changing clothes and someone poked their head through. That was me this morning

Source: mycateatstoenails

#14 Kool-aid man is about to lose his driver's license

Source: babyspoot

#15 Who said dating was fun?

Source: koolaidjammersz

#16 I'm in New York

Source: werdmouf

#17 Woke up with this and felt like the main character in Titanic

Source: dbcannon

#18 I thought we understood each other

Source: gangbangkang

#19 Fall down the stairs in Airbnb

Source: Jaunt-

#20 You won't want this on your shirt

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

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