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Micro-Bully Puppies Are Highly In Demand, Some Of Them Are Sold For A Jaw-Dropping $10,000

“If I have to describe Micro-Bully in three words, I’ll say expensive, luxury, and delicate.” That was what breeder Mino Kerouani told us to introduce his Micro-bully puppies, a hip new canine on the block.

Kerouani, who has been breeding Micro-Bully for 12 years, dreams of becoming the world’s best breeder. He is well aware of the changes in the market’s demand over the years.

“I travel all around the world. I sell dogs all around the world. So, when I sell the dogs, I bring by myself to the customer, you know. A couple of years ago, all the people they want to pocket and standard Bully, now all they want is micro’s,” said the breeder.

Kerouani is amongst a few breeders who own Micro-Bully puppies sold for a jaw-dropping $10,000. But let us tell you this, things don’t come cheap for these Pit Bulls. Depending on the size and the purpose that you buy the puppies, a Micro-Bully costs around $2000 to $7000. Kerouani had an explanation for why his puppies are always more expensive than the average price.

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“I have only quality Bully, that’s why they are expensive. I bred one of the first Micro-Bully in Europe. I lost count of how many litters I’ve got each year. I’ve got a lot.”

But his way to success includes much more than that. The breeder has gained a number of trophies, awards, and accolades around the world for his breeding practices. We can be sure he’s the real deal. Besides, customer service is an important key.

Source: Beastly

“I build a relationship with my customers, so if they need anything or they need help, I’m here, you know. I always want to check in on them and see how they are doing.”

Watch the video below:

The Micro-Bully (or American Bully) is a new dog breed that originates from the United States. They come in 4 recognized size which are standard, pocket, XL, and classic, but normally, a puppy grow up to 16 to 20 inches in height and 30 to 65 pounds in weight. Their life span ranges from 10-13 years. They are easy to train and are great family dogs.

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