Homeless Man Helps Dumped Chihuahua On Busy Road, Things Get Better For Both Of Them!

Life gives us difficulties to teach us how to grow up and become stronger. It's good if we learn to overcome those tough times alone, but it's always better to have someone stay by our side and offer a helping hand.
This street man shows us how important it is to help and offer help at the right time by deciding to rescue a little abandoned dog that others choose to ignore. The man, named Ron, was found keeping the dog warm, safe, and loved in Salt Lake City, Utah. Angel Janes, who witnessed the scene, was inspired by the heartfelt person. The woman came across him while she was driving through a freeway. Dropping in to offer him a cigarette, she spotted the small dog huddled up in a blanket in his lap, fighting away the cold.

Source: Angel Janes

Ron started to talk about his pet which had been dumped on the busy highway by its previous owner. Worried about its safety, the man scooped it up and explained he was just doing the do right so the dog "wasn’t homeless like me".
Days later, Janes shared the story on Facebook hoping to help the poor Chihuahua find a new home. It came to her surprise that a user called Kathleen Dallmann reposted it on a famous page for local animal lovers, with Ron's location attached.
"A few minutes after I posted it, a lady was on her way to pick up the dog to foster him," Dallmann said. "She offered Ron $50 as a show of her gratitude for keeping him safe. He said, 'No, I just wanted to do the right thing.' But she insisted he take it."
"He was in tears because he was able to help the dog find a home. And then, everything began to change for the better..." Dallmann added.

Source: Kathleen Dallmann

Things got better for the dog, and for Ron, too! After being picked up by the lady, Chihuahua was soon adopted by a family of mother Chasity Guyer and her daughter. The dog, which has now been named Lucky Louie, is receiving the best care and love she deserves.
"He is doing really good, he's not going anywhere," told Guyer.

Source: Kathleen Dallmann

But the story isn't over yet. Dallmann created a GoFundMe page for Ron so that people could know about his case and help the homeless man.
"He didn’t even have a place for himself. So, I started a GoFundMe page for him. I didn’t know if anyone would donate, but after getting the word out, it got up to $500. I withdrew around $400 to give to Ron, and He was in tears. He couldn’t believe that the community would do something so nice for him. When I handed him the money, he wanted some of it to go to the dog’s care. But I told him it was just for him," Dallmann shared.
Here is the video that captured Ron's emotions when he received money donated by the community. He was so grateful. If you also want help Ron, please click here.
Sometimes, we need to do the good things but don't need to give credit for it. Just like Ron in this story, who helped the poor animal when he had nothing but a heart. Because he knew when he "gives" something, he will "take" something better.
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