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  1. Top 10 I Am Groot Quotes In MCU (Don't Worry, We Translated)

Top 10 "I Am Groot" Quotes In MCU (Don't Worry, We Translated)

His language is confined to three basic words, I am Groot Quotes, yet he conveys so much more inside each iteration of that iconic statement.
The Guardians of the Galaxy are among the most bizarre, yet intriguing and complicated, heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They each have different characteristics that make them stand out, but there is one individual that is considerably more than meets the eye: Groot. Literally no one can resist the hilarious and adorable traits of him. Throughout the movie, we are also aware that Groot’s mind isn’t simples, it’s full of emotions, thoughts, and feelings for his friends and family.

Top 10 I Am Groot Quotes In MCU (Don't Worry, We Translated)

groot quotes Groot quotes
His language is confined to three basic words, "I am Groot," yet he conveys so much more inside each iteration of that iconic statement. Not all of his sentences have been interpreted, but those that have to vary from serious to hilarious and obscene. Below are some of the important phases he has said in the Marvel Movies so far.

#1 Raccoon - When He Calls Rocket An Animal


During Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the other heroes refer to Rocket as a variety of different mammals rather than a Racoon, which Rocket considers to be an insult. From "trash panda" to "triangle-faced monkey" and even a "fox" and "rat" Groot subsequently tries to correct them and refers to Rocket as what he truly is (initially misheard by him as "rabboon")

#2 I need to pee. - When He Needs A Bathroom Break

When He Needs A Bathroom Break

Thor, Rocket, and Teen Groot split out from the rest of the group to request the help of the dwarf master, Eitri, in Avengers: Infinity War. On the way there, Groot seems to solicit approval for a toilet break, to which Rocket responds, "Tinkle in the cup, no one's looking."

#3 I hate hats. - Finding The Fin

Groot Quotes Groot Quotes
Rocket and Yondu are compelled to count on Baby Groot to assist them to get away from Yondu's Ravager crew when they commit mutiny is probably one of the funniest bits in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Following a series of miscommunication, as they attempt to have him bring Yondu's spare fin to them, Yondu gives him the sign to look for, only believing that he needs him to wear it as a hat, which he confesses to hating (on anyone, not just himself).

#4 Yes, I Like Knives. - His Line In Endgame

groot quotes

Thor resolves to join the Guardians on their quest to uncover Gamora's fate after the end of Avengers: Endgame. When Drax and the others propose a knife battle between Star-Lord and Thor for the role of leader, Groot grins and appears to agree.

#5 It's Better Than 11 Percent. - His Optimistic Support

groot quotes

As Rocket mocks Star-Lord for having just "12 percent of a plan," Groot interjects, arguing that it's still "better than 11 percent," much to Rocket's annoyance. It's not just one of the MCU's most entertaining running gags, but it also demonstrates Groot's undying devotion for his companions, no matter what they're going through.

#6 They're The Only Friends We've Ever Had. - Not Leaving His Friends Behind

Groot Quotes Groot Quotes
In the first movie, after saving Drax from sinking following the fight on Knowhere and learning of Peter and Gamora's arrest, Groot declines to accompany Rocket, who wants to get far away to avoid Ronan the Destroyer's imminent catastrophe. He reminds Rocket that they must not forsake "the only friends" they've ever had and that they must "save them."

#7 Boring! - When He Sasses Star-Lord

Throughout the Vol. 2 end credits, Groot is revealed to have grown into a lazy, trash-talking, video-game addicted adolescent. When Star-Lord chastises him for not tidying his chamber and displaying an unhealthy obsession with his videogame, Groot ignores to make eye contact and mocks Quill's criticism by summarily dismissing him as "boring."

#8 F**k! - His Constant F-Bombs

Typically, producers can get away with little more than one F-bomb in a PG-13 movie, however, according to James Gunn, Baby Groot drops at least double-digit throughout Vol. 2. Gunn said on Twitter that Baby Groot threw approximately 50 F-bombs in his exclusive "Groot script."

#9 Dad... - His Last Word

In the startling last scenes of Infinity War, Groot says one last "I am Groot" to Rocket before vanishing. When questioned about Groot's final sentence in the movie on Twitter, Gunn answered with a spoiler notice, followed by one word: "Dad." It demonstrates the depth and genuine significance of their bond, and what it converts to heightens the tragedy of the event.

#10 Welcome To The F**ing Guardians Of The Galaxy. - When He Initiates Yondu Into The Family

In Vol. 2, Yondu plays a significantly larger part, with a bittersweet plotline exposing his real hidden emotions, sacrificing his own life to rescue Star- Lord's. Groot chooses to verbally accept Yondu into their broken family before his sad self-sacrifice. "Welcome to the f**king' Guardians of the Galaxy," he says in the translated sentence.
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