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Terrifying Moment Curious Lioness Approaches Tourist’s Car And Open The Door With Its Teeth

This is the reason why we suggest you pay for a trip to a safari park. During the trip, you’ll have chances to experience spectacular scenes or surprises that will make your journey special and unforgettable. We’ve mentioned tourists being left in awe to see a big herd of 30 giraffes crossing their road or an elephant napping in front of traffic in a safari park.

On March 13, a group of tourists underwent a terrifying moment when a lion managed to open their car door with its teeth. The tourists included parents and their daughters, Kaylene and Cindy, who sat in the back seats.

Source: Screenshot/Joshua Sutherland

It seemed like the family was enjoying their holiday, and they were just filming their trip in excitement. They were chitchatting happily as their car came across a pride of lions lying under the sun.

All of a sudden, a lioness stood up and walked slowly towards the car. As can be heard from the video, one girl said to her dad: ” You’re going to the car, I think you’ll have to…” Maybe, she was a bit scared to mispronounce “you”, and later, she corrected herself by saying “she.”

Source: Screenshot/Joshua Sutherland

When it approached the car, the lioness could be seen from the window. It stalked the people inside the car and then leisurely bent down, opened the door. Before the tourists realized what was happening, the lioness had almost opened the door. Terrifying!

The girls were frightened, shocked, and they were screaming hard. The door opened nearly halfway before they could touch it and shut it again.

Source: Screenshot/Joshua Sutherland

Several seconds to recover from the panic, there was laughter amongst members in the car. One sister said: “Oh my Gosh, I didn’t know they could do that.”

The other sister asked: “Is it locked? Are you sure?” and the reply from the other was “I hope so.”

The footage shows us that it is necessary to make sure you locked all doors while visiting a safari park in South Africa.

Watch the video here:

H/T: dailymail.co.uk


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