Top Most Unique Lions In The World, Do You Know Them?

Let's get to know more about the most unique lions in the world. Well, when we say "unique",  it doesn't only mean "unique", but also the "rarest" lions. On May 31, The Finest posted a video that ranked different lion species due to their levels of uniqueness. From the information provided in their video, we make our list. Enjoy it!

#1 Black Lion

Black Lion is both rare and visually stunning. This species is currently on the verge of extinction. Since a Black lion was captured in Africa in 2012, there has been no other Black lion caught on camera for a second time.

#2 Southwest African Lion (AKA Katanga Lion, Panthera leo melano chaita, or Steve)

As their name suggests, these lions are found in South Western Africa, including the regions of Namibia, Angola, Western Zambia. One of the world's largest lion species, the Southwest African Lion weighs 220-534 pounds and measures up to 7 to 10 feet tall.

If you still think these features are not noticeably striking enough, let's check out their black mane. Their mane pattern helps distinguish South West African Lion from other lion subspecies.

#3 Masai Lion (AKA Panthera Leo Nubica)

A less curved back and a longer neck are the features that help the Masai Lion stand out from any other sub-species of lions. Also, their mane tends to be backward, and those living in the high lands of 2,600 feet in height often have heavier, thicker manes than other lions living in lower lands.

#4 Barbary Lion

This species used to be found in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco. However, nowadays, they are extinct in the wild. There are only some of them being kept in captivity in Rabat Zoo. Apart from the Southwest African Lion, the Barbary Lion is among the largest lion sub-species with each individual weighing over 440 pounds.

#5 Ishasha Lion

Unlike other lions being unique for their fur color or physical appearance, the Ishasha lion is well-known for its notable hobby - climbing the trees. Seen in remote areas in Isasha, these lions find their home among birds in the branches. There is no particular reason why they, Isasha lions, choose the trees as their homes.

#6 White Lion

As you may guess, the thing that makes these lions unique is their striking color. They were first spotted in South Africa in 1975. Now, they mostly live in parks, reserves with the best living conditions. However, their mortality rate is incredibly high because they have difficulty in hunting and they are also vulnerable to hyena attacks.

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