Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos Of A Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish: The Weirdest Scene You'll See Today

Some pictures require the perfect timing and patience of the photographer. Some are just taken spontaneously but they look very much like masterpieces.
These once-in-a-lifetime pictures were captured by Australian photographer Tim Samuel in Byron Bay, the north coast of New South Wales. The photographer was on a freediving trip with his friend, and he wasn't expecting to catch such a marvelous moment of marine life. He wrote on Instagram:

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A fish getting stuck inside a jellyfish showed a confused face, but another explanation by Ian Tibbetts from the University of Queensland said that it was possible the fish was happy to stay in it and control the jellyfish's movement.
“It’s difficult to tell whether disaster has just struck, or whether the fish is happy to be in there.”

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Over 5 years of his scuba diving, Samuel has never witnessed a scene like that. His shots are certainly the weirdest sight you see today.
“I knew pretty quickly what I was looking at. Even so, I had to make a couple of double-takes though. I was both amazed and confused by what I saw," said the photographer.

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“It was interesting to see how the two of them moved through the water. “The fish pushed the jellyfish away but wobbled around and was being thrown off course by the jellyfish, and sometimes was forced to swim in circles,” he added.
How do you think about the scene? Is it bizarre and oddly beautiful at the same time? Let us know in the comment.
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