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Brave Diver Swims Around Manta Rays In Visually Stunning, Majestic Photographs

These stunning pictures were taken by Alex Voyer, a 42-year-old wildlife photographer, on a diving trip near French Polynesia.

Alex and his wife Marianne Aventurier are both professional underwater photographers. They are also good at diving as it is a part of their job. The couple has been sailing worldwide, diving in different seas to document the secret marine life.

Source: Alex Voyer

Despite having visited various locations before, Alex admitted that the French Polynesia swimming trip was still a special memory to them.

“A few days ago, we were moored on a small remote island and discovered that there was a cleaning station for manta rays which came every morning to clean by the little grass fish.

We decided to spend time around them – even if we knew it was important not to disturb them during this cleaning period,” Alex revealed how he and his wife had planned for the trip.

Source: Alex Voyer

Finally, they were able to capture the precious interactions they had with the manta rays. The majestic pictures showed Marianne swimming with mantas surrounding her. All were seen from a vertical view.

Source: Alex Voyer

Source: Alex Voyer

“They all have a very different behavior – some of them are curious, and others are shy and reserved,” Alex added.

The manta ray is the world’s largest ray living in tropical, subtropical, and temperate ocean waters. Their wingspan can reach up to 29 feet and their highest lifespan recorded is around 50 years. Intelligent and friendly, these animals do not harm humans whenever they interact with us. But they are among one of the vulnerable species on Earth.

H/T: Daily BBNews


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