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Gdansk City: Golden Retriever Sitting On Balcony Makes It The Most Popular Tourist Attraction

Gdansk city has recently added another place into its list of tourist attractions after a Golden retriever, Milka, sits on a balcony and always greets passersby with her friendly smile and adorable face.

The house where the dog lives, located on the corner of Politechniczna and Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego streets, gets its own name on Google Maps – “The dog from the balcony”.

Source: danieltilles1

While people are familiar with museums, theaters, or historical sites as famous places to visit, they are impressed that there’s even an attraction about dogs. And that’s why “The dog from the Balcony” is so famous and always draws interest from tourists.

Source: Pjes z balkonu na rogu Politechnicznej i Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego

Data from the local Polish website and Google Maps both show that this is the highest-rated place (5/5 stars). This is even higher than some of the most famous world’s attractions such as the Taj Mahal (4.6/5) or the Statue of Liberty (4.7/5)

Source: danieltilles1

Still can’t believe it? Let’s check it on top-rated.online, a reliable website that recommends to you the most-reviewed places of a city. Regarding Gdansk, “The Dog from the Balcony” ranks first among its attractions.

Source: top-rated.online

And you might not know, the golden retriever is so famous that she has her own Facebook page created to upload only pictures of Milka sitting on the balcony. But the account has gained 7,500 followers, and this number is not going to stop at any time soon.

Source: Pjes z balkonu na rogu Politechnicznej i Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego

Despite its reputation, the authority still considers “The dog from the balcony” an official attraction of the city. So they decided to remove it from Google Maps. Before its details were deleted from maps, a traveler called Daniel Tilles had shared the place on his Twitter.

Here were the reactions he got from Twitter:

What about you? Will you plan to visit “The dog from the balcony”?


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