Supposed To Catch Mouse In The Kitchen, Black Cat Became Famous In A Video He Befriended It

The relationship between cats and dogs has long been supposed to be that of predators and their prey. For example, in the "Tom and Jerry" cartoon, Tom often finds ways to catch Jerry and other annoying mice. But there are some moments viewers still can see how they care for and get along well with each other. Although it's just a cartoon, it somehow reflects how the situation goes in reality. Some cats love to play with mice and even make friends with them.
An indoor cat, Simon, whose video went viral on the Internet, proves that friendship knows no boundaries. The video shared by his owner Benjamín Sagredo captured the cat who allowed a mouse to drink from his water bowl.

Source: simonel.gato

Benjamín said he was in his room while hearing some noises from the kitchen. It didn't take him long to realize it was a mouse living in the kitchen. But what came to his surprise was that he had a cat, and cats should eat mice.
The owner was even telling his cat to catch the mouse, but Simon was just looking at it and seemingly petting it.
"I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me." Benjamín told the Dodo.

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As can be seen from the video, when the mouse came to him, Simon the black cat let it drink the water from his bowl, staring at it and waiting for its reaction. In a moment, he touched the mouse carefully as if he was trying not to hurt the new friend with his paw.

Source: simonel.gato

The adorable and surprising scene reminded people of what happened with Tom and Jerry. Viewers found the video so funny, and they loved it.

According to Benjamín, Simon was a sweet, affectionate, and sociable cat who is living with two dogs in the same house. So, he can have a good explanation for why Simon accepted that mouse and treated it well. He also befriended the mouse and gave it the name Chefcito ("The little chef").
After Simon became an Internet superstar thanks to the video, the owner created an Instagram for him. For anyone who loves Simon the black cat, please follow him via this link.
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