Giant Heart Formed By Sheep: A Way This Farmer Pays Tribute To Late Aunt

Australian farmer James Jackson was one of many people separated from their families due to the Covid-19 lockdown. He was stuck in New South Wales and couldn't make it to Brisbane to be with his aunt during her last hours.
Aunt Debby passed away this August after a two-year battle with cancer. James was always regretted not being able to meet her for the last time and attend her funeral. The farmer decided to do something in honor of his late aunt.
“At those times of grief, you feel really helpless, you don’t know what to do, what to say." Jackson shared with the Guardian.
While working with the sheep, the man suddenly came up with a practical idea he could pay tribute to his aunt with these animals. By realizing the sheep are "quite pregnant" and "they need some extra TLC", he, along with the help of Ben, decided to draw a giant heart made of sheep.

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Ben claimed he organized everything by arranging their meal in the shape of a heart, although it required more work than usual.
Then, what was left to do when preparation was all done? To release the sheep. Dozens of herds of sheep quickly found their meal and at the same time, the heart was formed. However, it was so big that it required a video-recording drone to fly over and capture the whole scene.

Watch the video here:
After Jackson shared it on his Twitter, the video soon became viral with over a million views and thousands of shares. It was set to the “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, a song by Simon and Garfunkel that his aunty loved.

Source: guyrajack

When asked about what he wanted to tell his aunt through the heart shape, Jackson said:
“She’d be overjoyed to see so many people smiling and appreciating the heart I’ve created for her. It’s all about love. It was certainly something that she would have loved and absolutely cherished.”
“I believe one of the reasons it has resonated is because we all need to offer each other a virtual hug,” he added. “We need to spread the love a little bit more because we’ve been missing out on those milestones – we’ve been missing out on births, saying goodbye to loved ones, and even birthdays and graduations.”
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