Lion Mountain Sighting In California Schools: No Damage Recorded But Such A Terrifying Moment!

California's authorities placed a lockdown on two of their schools on Monday after a mountain lion was spotted nearby. The schools, as revealed by the city’s public safety department, were Evergreen Elementary School and Lawrence Jones in Rohnert Park.
Due to the appearance of the majestic animal, the schools were immediately closed at around 8 a.m on Monday. Experts and officers of the Department of Fish And Wildlife (DFW) were contacted to offer their help to move the lion back to her own land.

Source: Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety

However, the cat, described as an adult female, refused to leave on her own. The experts made a plan to capture and tranquilize her. After a few hours, the mountain lion was taken to her home using a GPS tracking device. Thankfully, no one was attacked by the giant cat.
Quinton Martins from DFW told the Press Democrat that she usually roams around the Taylor Mountain Regional Park which is a few miles far from Rohnert Park. The lion also has a rare neurological disorder, so she moves slowly and awkwardly.
Researchers at DFW kept following her for the next few days. But sadly, they realized her condition became worse than ever, and it caused her health to deteriorate. After some throughout consideration, people decided she'd better be euthanized on Thursday in the same week.

Source: Department of Fish And Wildlife

H/T: NBC News
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