Here Are 9 DC And Marvel Characters Who Have Exactly The Same Superpower

Over the years, DC and Marvel have been competing with each other and among fans for the best superhero comic book. At the same time, fans have been aware of many characters who are ripped off from DC to Marvel and vice versa. But it is likely they don't feel bored of the two giant companies copying each other's work. Otherwise, their competition has led to the introduction of several greatest superheroes in comic history.
People love this because it gives them the chance to see a difference in the same set of powers, like how Deadpool duplicates Deathstroke's superb tactical capabilities, or how Superman and Hyperion are created with the same power. Let's take a look at the characters below, and find out the similarities among them.

#1 The Atom (DC) vs. Ant-Man (Marvel)

The Atom and Ant-Man are both intelligent characters obsessed with size. They can shrink to the size of an atom or even grow as tall as the size of a skyscraper if they want.

#2 Superman (DC) vs. Hyperion (Marvel)

If there is a battle between Superman and Hyperion, it's really hard to find the winner. They have the same power set and a similar origin story as well. While DC's Superman gets discarded to Earth after the destruction of his planet Krypton, Hyperion is sent to Earth-616 as he was the only member left of his race, the Eternals.

#3 Wonder Woman (DC) vs. Lady Sif (Marvel)

Wonder Woman and Lady Sif share a lot of things in common. They are both the very first female warriors from mythical backgrounds, and they have a love for humanity and inborn goodwill. Moreover, they are as powerful as each other.

#4 Zatanna (DC) vs. Doctor Strange (Marvel)

It would be fun to watch the fight between Doctor Strange and Zatanna. There are several similarities between these two characters. Both protect the Earth from the supernatural menaces of the different dimensions. And they are also talented of the magics of arts.

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#5 Green Arrow (DC) vs. Hawkeye (Marvel)

Although Green Arrow and Hawkeye don't have the same power set, they are both very skillful archers. These skills help them revolve around a bow and a whole set of coveting arrows designed to be fearlessly nonlethal.

#6 Batman (DC) vs. Iron Man (Marvel)

They share equal intelligence and the ability to beat up the baddies. Both Batman and Iron Man are among the wealthiest members of their universe, so they decide to use their wealth to help save the world.

#7 The Flash (DC) vs. Quicksilver (Marvel)

Speed is the strength of both The Flash and Quicksilver. The only thing that distinguishes them is the way they get this superpower. Quicksilver was born having the X gene, which earns him the ability to run at supersonic speed. Meanwhile, The Flash gets his power after a particle accelerator was exploded. It's hard to decide who's faster than who when the two compete with each other.

#8 bumblebee (DC) vs. Wasp (Marvel)

They are able to shrink to an unimaginable size and sting to clone the insects they are copying. If it were not their name, no one could find a minor difference between them.

#9 Deathstroke (DC) vs. Deadpool (Marvel)

They are similar not only because they are both unusual mercenaries, but also due to their healing factors and superb tactical capabilities. Deathstroke and Deadpool are clearly a close match.

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