MCU's 10 Best Female Characters According To How A Good Friend They Are

What contributes to the success of Marvel's movies is not only the mind-blowing action but also the beautiful lessons they deliver, including friendships. MCU has created a number of characters and given them the ability to stand by their friends. Friendships are hard to be formed if there are too many egos on display. But ladies have handled it every well. Even with all the male hand-to-hand battles, they have stood their ground on the battlefield and in their bonds.
Today, we would like to give you the list of ten best MCU female characters according to how good a friend they are. What have you already had in your mind? Who do you vote to be the best friend? Scroll down to see whether our list is similar to yours!

#10 Elektra

We would like to put Elektra in the end of this list because of her villainous nature. However, there's still a good side of her which is the fact that she can be a good friend. She always takes Matt Murdock's side because he is the one who understands everything underneath her. Even in the afterlife, there is and will be no one else she's willing to take risks for at all.

#9 Valkyrie

Valkyrie, a brave warrior who always shows up whenever Thor and Hulk need help. Viewers can see her help Thor when he was at his worst in "Avengers: Infinity War" or in " Thor: Ragnarok".

#8 Tandy

The film keeps Tandy and Tyrone throughout situations in which they realize trusting each other was their only option. But gradually, Tandy doesn't see trusting Tyrone as a responsibility she has to do. She thinks that she finally has a friend to count on. While dealing with her own demons, Tandy is still there for Tyrone to help him find his own answers.

#7 Gamora

In " Guardians of the Galaxy", Gamora is a killer trained by her father Thanos, but she wants to break free of that. Instead of standing by her greedy father Thanos, she takes the side of Star-lord and the others. While pairing with them, she realizes how having a real family is. She has been fighting side by side and for her team. There's nothing that could fully describe her loyalty.

#6 Jessica Jones

Jessica and Trish is an inseparable pair since their childhood. Although they have been keeping far apart for some reasons, she and her best friend always know a way to come back together.

#5 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch used to be alone after the death of her father, but joining Avengers teaches her to trust again. Whenever someone she loves is hurt, Scarlet is willing to bring the war to whoever. In "Infinity War", when Thanos takes Vision's life, she comes to him for revenge.

#4 Captain Marvel

It can be said that Captain Marvel and Nick Fury's friendship is one of the most important friendships in the MCU. Their strong bond is like that of Captain America and Winter Soldier. Furry helps Captain Marvel when she needs him, and Captain is willing to assist him back. They are best friends who always give special support to the other side.

#3 Pepper Potts

The friendship between Pepper and Tony Stark is certainly the one that most of us admire. While Happy has been Stark's go-to guy, Pepper has been the only person who keeps Tony and his ego in check. She has appeared in the least expected cases when Tony needs help, like how she fights against Thanos in the final battle.

#2 Daisy

Daisy's loyal to Coulson, loves him hard, and will risk her life for him. She never wanted to let him down in any way and will be by his side through the tough calls.

#1 Black Widow

During her time in MCU, Black Window has proved that she's able to be a good friend. In "Civil War", she argues with Tony but that's because Tony is blinded by his echo. Who has given up their life for the greater good like Natasha? She lets Clint live so he could be with his family.
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